Title Date
Policy and Practice for Global Tourism
Directed at all those working directly in tourism, as well as those simply interested in learning more about this dynamic sector, this publication brings together the ten major themes in world tourism today from sustainability to social networks and market trends to destination competitiveness....
AM Reports Volume 2 'The Power of Youth Travel'
The second in the series of reports looking at specific areas of the tourism sector, The Power of Youth Travel features commentary from specialists, UNWTO Affiliate Members and other selected organizations on the importance of Youth Travel for economic development, global development and young...
AM Reports Vol. 1 'Technology in Tourism'
This is the first in the collection of in-depth reports on major themes in world tourism today, produced by the Affiliate Members Programme of the World Tourism Organization. Bringing together expert analysis and the latest data, these reports feature input from Affiliate Member organizations and...
Report on Urban Tourism Development in China
China continues to develop as a leading powerhouse in tourism, and it becomes ever more important to examine the various facets of tourism in China in order to understand the potential of this market, and the effect it will have on global tourism. This report analyses the statistics of Chinese...
Religious Tourism in Asia and the Pacific
The Asia-Pacific region is considered the world’s religious core with the greatest number of pilgrims and travellers for religious events, for both international and domestic tourism. It is estimated that there are approximately six hundred million national and international religious and spiritual...
UN Steering Committee on Tourism for Development Leaflet
The United Nations Steering Committee on Tourism for Development (SCTD) brings together the tourism‐specific experiences and state‐of‐the‐art tourism expertise of each of its members with a view to creating synergies for a more coordinated, effective and efficient delivery of technical assistance...
HES Public Report
The HES public report summarises the project: among which its rationale, steps, main achievements and success stories. It also includes descriptions of the HES supporting materials such as publications and communication materials.
Toolbox for Crisis Communications in Tourism Toolbox for Crisis Communications in Tourism
Crisis communications is a crucial element of a good crisis management system. It helps limit the negative impact of a crisis by addressing the information needs of all industry stakeholders in an efficient, timely and responsible manner. Against this background, UNWTO has developed for the...
"UNWTO Technical Cooperation and Services - Annual Report 2010" 2010
Study on Chinese Outbound Travel to Africa
While regions such as Europe, Asia and the Pacific, the Americas and the Middle East enjoy their fair share of the tourism cake, Africa still only accounts for five percent of international tourist arrivals worldwide. Tourists who visit Africa from Asia represent only about 3% of the 47 million...